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Mejores Universidades, Escuelas y Colegios universitarios en Estados Ámsterdam, Países Bajos 2019

Universidades y escuelas de negocios en Ámsterdam. Encuentre toda la información sobre las universidades mejor posicionadas en Ámsterdam aquí, y contactar con ellos directamente!

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Amsterdam Business School

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

The mission of ABS is to offer an inspiring international learning community to study business and management, where both staff and students can develop their capacities to optimum effect. We aim to foster independent minds with an impact on international business and society at large by conducting high-quality academic research on innovative and socially relevant themes, and by offering research-based teaching that meets the highest international standards. We are committed… [+] to advancing the understanding of business and its role in society, and to leverage synergies between our School and its institutional and corporate environment. [-]

IES Abroad

Curso Curso de verano Estados Unidos de América Chicago Países Bajos Ámsterdam Francia Arlés Nueva Zelanda Auckland España Barcelona China Pekín Alemania Berlín Argentina Buenos Aires Sudáfrica Ciudad del Cabo Christchurch Irlanda Dublín Friburgo Granada Reino Unido Londres Madrid Italia Milán Japón Nagoya Nantes Nueva York Niza París Oxford Ecuador Quito Marruecos Rabat Roma Salamanca Chile Santiago Shanghái Siena Australia Sídney Tokio Puerto Ayora Austria Viena Hong Kong Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Cambridge September 2019 + 51 más

Everything we do is about the IES Abroad student. Our profoundly passionate team of study abroad professionals believes in creating once-in-a-lifetime educational adventures that transcend expectations. Our goal is to rock the world of some 6,000 study abroad students every year.

Protestant Theological University

Países Bajos Ámsterdam Groninga September 2019

The Protestant Theological University (PThU) is a university for theology based on a religious view of life, located in Amsterdam and Groningen. The PThU aims at profound and relevant theological education and research with regard to developments in faith, church and Christianity worldwide. Work in the university is inspired by its close association with the church and a fascination for what faith does with people – explicitly including the personal faith of its staff and students.

Hotelschool The Hague

Países Bajos La Haya Ámsterdam September 2019

We are proud of the fact that Hotelschool The Hague is one of the last independent single sector Universities of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. Hotelschool The Hague was founded and funded in 1929 by the hospitality industry to create a central place where industry partners could gain and share new insight, skills and knowledge. Since its foundation, the Hotelschool has become an international school specialised in hospitality management offering a 4-year Bachelor’s d… [+] egree in Hotel and Hospitality Management. This degree course is also available as the accelerated International Fast Track programme. [-]

Johan Cruyff Institute

Certificado España Barcelona Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

Johan Cruyff Institute constituye una poderosa mezcla de profesores, personal y colaboradores que comparten la misma pasión por formar a la próxima generación de líderes de la industria deportiva en pro de deportistas, socios deportivos, organizaciones y los propios alumnos.

Tio University of Applied Sciences

Países Bajos Ámsterdam Utrecht Róterdam Eindhoven Hengelo September 2019 + 1 más

Welcome to Tio University of Applied Sciences. Tio offers you personal, accelerated and excellent education and has been a distinguished name for many years as a recognized educational institution. Tio's bachelor programmes have been among the best in the Netherlands for years and are ranked #1 in various rankings. Which programme suits you best?

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is based in The Netherlands, in the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city where 175 different nationalities live and work together and where the English language is largely spoken. The city is a hotbed of education and research in all conceivable areas: culture and society, trade, logistics, aviation, shipping, ICT, sport, healthcare, education and much more. At AUAS we take full advantage of this wealth of… [+] opportunities in order to provide the best possible education and produce cutting-edge research. [-]

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) equips health professionals to address public health challenges around the world. We offer master programs and advanced courses at our training facilities in Amsterdam and through e-learning.

European Leadership University

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

Join a thriving community of talent and visionary companies.Together we will pioneer work-based learning for the digital economy.

Zoe Talent Solutions

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ZOE Talent Solutions is a global training and consulting firm that has been serving leading businesses in many countries. We specialise in capacity building and talent development solutions for individuals and organisations, through our highly customised courses and training sessions, in a wide array of disciplines.

European College for Liberal Studies

Diploma Associate Degree Certificado de Pregrado Certificado de Posgrado Postgraduate Certificado Certificado Países Bajos Ámsterdam España Barcelona Bélgica Región de Bruselas-Capital Madrid Suiza Zúrich Japón Tokio Amberes September 2019 + 13 más

Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, the European College for Liberal Studies (ECLS) is an independent private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. ECLS offers flexible liberal and global studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BA, Graduate/Master/MA and Postgraduate/Doctor/PhD level.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Países Bajos Apeldoorn Ámsterdam Austria Viena September 2019

With a clearly defined mission and philosophy, Wittenborg University offers excellent education in business studies to students from the Netherlands, Europe, and around the world, ranging from school leavers to people with professional experience and previous study qualifications. Its developing research centre, focusing on the 5 key themes Wittenborg University enables applied research to be embedded throughout its programmes.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an internationally renowned research university founded in 1880. The university offers over 150 English taught programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level to 23,000 students from all over the world. Students and staff of 130 nationalities create a dynamic international academic community. The University distinguishes itself in research and education through four interdisciplinary themes: Human Health and Life Sciences, Science for Sus… [+] tainability, Connected World and Governance for Society. [-]

United International Business Schools

Diploma Certificado de Posgrado Postgraduate Certificado Estudios Pre-Universitiarios Bélgica Amberes España Barcelona Región de Bruselas-Capital Madrid Japón Tokio Suiza Zúrich Lausana Países Bajos Ámsterdam Italia Milán Ginebra September 2019 + 15 más

Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, the United International Business Schools organization (UIBS) is an independent private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA, Graduate/Master/MBA and Postgraduate/Doctor/DBA level leading to private programmatically-accredited degrees, as well as to American regionally-accredited degrees, and/or European… [+] state-recognized degrees in cooperation with our academic partners. "the inspiring excellence of a private college, the stimulating advantage of a small-scale environment" [-]

University of Amsterdam

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

The University of Amsterdam is an intellectual hub with over 30,000 students, 3,000 PhD researchers, 6,000 staff and 100 different nationalities. Our mission is to educate tomorrow's leaders, conduct cutting-edge research and translate our research results into applications that can benefit society.

International Management Forum Academy

Curso Países Bajos Eindhoven Ámsterdam Leiden Utrecht Bélgica Región de Bruselas-Capital September 2019 + 3 más

IMF Academy is part of International Management Forum (IMF), an independent publisher and training organisation focusing on business information for higher-educated managers and decision makers in large and middle-sized organisations.

Team Academy - International School For Entrepreneurship

Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

Team Academy offers a unique Bachelor education. The intensive four-year experience is deliberately designed to enhance your intellectual growth and prepare you for success in today’s rapidly changing global context.

Amsterdam Fashion Academy

Estudios Pre-Universitiarios Países Bajos Ámsterdam September 2019

The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is an international independent fashion Academy making global learning accessible. By collaborating with international universities we are able to provide high-quality courses that train students as fashion designers, fashion intellectuals and fashion business people.